Update: Second Bedroom

So yesterday I was writing about how I was going to start with the closet. Well, that certainly backfired. Once I stepped in there to clean the walls and do the edging with a paintbrush, I realized that there were some surprises in there that needed to be addressed.  We have plaster walls and I guess the last time someone painted this house, they noticed a few cracks. Instead of fixing them properly, they taped over them and then painted over them. So, there are pieces of tape that are painted in all over the closet. 😦 This means we’ll have a whole lot more work to do in there before painting if we want to do it right. I apologize for the bad lighting in this picture, it’s the best I could do this close up.

Since I couldn’t work on the closet immediately, I decided to paint the walls instead. I’ve never used any brand of paint other than BEHR. Of course, I fell in love with a CIL colour (from a book, not a paint swatch). When the photo editor is working correctly, I will post the swatch for the colour.

The color was from the book and not a paint swatch, which made it difficult to color match it into BEHR Paint and Primer. So the Home Depot employee suggested I buy CIL Smart Paint; which is a paint and primer in one and costs 7$ less than the BEHR equivalent…

I will NEVER buy anything other than CIL Smart ever again. It is the most excellent paint! It covered the handpainted flowers and layers of sponge paint and stains in only one coat!


After only one coat:

Just think what it will look like after the second coat!


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