Painting myself into a closet

Today I am starting work on our second bedroom.   Both of the bedrooms in this house are tiny at only 8 by 10 feet. With one closet, one door and one window each, it is not a lot of usable space.  My photography skills are not that great and I can’t seem to take a picture of the whole room so you will have to see bits and pieces.

Since we moved in 2 months ago, this room has been the official storage and box room, as well as the storage room for all of my clothes.  Hence the mess in the next picture.

Here is the closet right now. I’ve already emptied out my clothes in preparation for painting.

The main problem with the closet is not the size, but the size of the door. It is only 20 inches by 75 inches although it is actually about 4 feet wide inside. This means lots of storage, but not a lot of accessibility. Since we converted the porch into the office and do not have out of town guests very often, we will be able to use the second bedroom as a dressing room.

The first step in the makeover is the closet. It will be painted white (the same shade of Popped Corn as in the Living Room) so the clothes are as visible as possible.





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