Bathroom Before and After

The bathroom is one of the first rooms we tackled in the house. How could we not, with all of that blue? Very few of the features in this photo remain. The toilet has been replaced, we have a new showerhead, the blue cubby has been removed, and the room has been repainted.

This next picture shows the brown door through the mirror, and… more blue!

These shelves were behind the door, completing the look. There was also a toilet paper holder and a line of broken hooks on the blue door.

The toilet paper holder is gone and has been replaced by a freestanding unit. The two-toned shelves are gone for now and are going to be repainted white.  The broken hooks were removed to make way for two new stainless steel hooks.

The one thing that is not yet completed in the room is the replacement of the trim. Please ignore the bare door frame and lack of baseboards for now!


I had forgotten to take a before picture of this part of the bathroom. It is sort of an open linen closet and is basically our only bathroom storage because of the pedestal sink. It was a little too messy to snap a full-on shot so you’ll have to make do with this one and look past the robes and towels. 🙂 

We have enough room to store our toiletries and towels on the upper shelves and we keep our laundry basket at the very bottom.

We decided to keep the mirror and the pedestal sink but installed an eco-efficient toilet and a new faucet.

Here is the new shower head and shower curtain. The whole look of the bathroom was transformed by paint first, and this shower curtain second. Can’t wait to see how it looks once the baseboards and door trim are re-installed.

Let me know what you think!


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