I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

I’m tired of HGTV! I’m getting so frustrated watching people on real estate shows with unrealistic expectations.

My Top 5 HGTV (or real estate) peeves:

1. “This kitchen doesn’t have granite!”

2. “I can’t believe they painted this whole room bubble-gum pink! What are we going to do to get rid of this?”

3. “There have to be double sinks in the master bathroom!”

4. “Where are the stainless appliances?”

5. “The flooring is different in every room!”

All this to say, things some people consider deal-breakers are simple things that can be changed relatively easily. You have to keep an open mind!



Photo Friday 25/02/11

So excited for our first fridge with a water dispenser and ice-maker!

2nd bedroom = Dressing Room

So far in the second bedroom, I have the walls painted a beautiful gray and I have purchased an awesome curtain for the existing closet.

Today, I’m going to finish painting the window, door, and closet door trim white and start dreaming of storage for outside the closet. Since both existing closets are overflowing and I already have an extra clothes rack and two dressers at capacity, I think some open shelving or storage is necessary.

But first, inspiration pictures!

via Creatures of Comfort

I love the idea of the dressers in the middle of the room.

via  At Home with Kim Vallee I like how the white makes everything look crisp, clean and organized, don’t you?

dressing room by california closets

via Kim Vallee again – this closet is from IKEA. I used to work at IKEA and lust over these dream closets.

stylish dressing room with a neat dream closet by ikea

The wall on which I am planning to install the unit is  9ft, 7 inches wide and 8ft tall. I just need to see how many clothes I have for long hang, mid-hang and folded shelving and then I’ll be designing away. Look for my preliminary sketches soon!

Best. Website. Ever.

I just discovered a company called Eddy West while surfing the internet and it is AMAZING! Their info page says they are based in the US and have pieces inspired by the styles of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colonial New England and Canada.

Love, love, love!

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Six Drawer Chest –

Six Drawer Chest

Deerfield Table – wouldn’t this make a wonderful bedside table?

Deerfield Table

Butcher Block with cutout – I’m actually thinking this would make a great bathroom vanity.

Butcher Block With Cutout

English Panel Sideboard – Great for a living room or rec room bar setup

English Panel Sideboard

Canadian Bookcase – swoon.

Canadian Bookcase

And last but not least, the Wellsley Three Door Cupboard. Perfect addition to my future dining room.

Wellsley Three Door Cupboard

Now all I need is an expense account. 🙂

Photo Friday 18/02/2011

Update: Second Bedroom

So yesterday I was writing about how I was going to start with the closet. Well, that certainly backfired. Once I stepped in there to clean the walls and do the edging with a paintbrush, I realized that there were some surprises in there that needed to be addressed.  We have plaster walls and I guess the last time someone painted this house, they noticed a few cracks. Instead of fixing them properly, they taped over them and then painted over them. So, there are pieces of tape that are painted in all over the closet. 😦 This means we’ll have a whole lot more work to do in there before painting if we want to do it right. I apologize for the bad lighting in this picture, it’s the best I could do this close up.

Since I couldn’t work on the closet immediately, I decided to paint the walls instead. I’ve never used any brand of paint other than BEHR. Of course, I fell in love with a CIL colour (from a book, not a paint swatch). When the photo editor is working correctly, I will post the swatch for the colour.

The color was from the book and not a paint swatch, which made it difficult to color match it into BEHR Paint and Primer. So the Home Depot employee suggested I buy CIL Smart Paint; which is a paint and primer in one and costs 7$ less than the BEHR equivalent…

I will NEVER buy anything other than CIL Smart ever again. It is the most excellent paint! It covered the handpainted flowers and layers of sponge paint and stains in only one coat!


After only one coat:

Just think what it will look like after the second coat!

Painting myself into a closet

Today I am starting work on our second bedroom.   Both of the bedrooms in this house are tiny at only 8 by 10 feet. With one closet, one door and one window each, it is not a lot of usable space.  My photography skills are not that great and I can’t seem to take a picture of the whole room so you will have to see bits and pieces.

Since we moved in 2 months ago, this room has been the official storage and box room, as well as the storage room for all of my clothes.  Hence the mess in the next picture.

Here is the closet right now. I’ve already emptied out my clothes in preparation for painting.

The main problem with the closet is not the size, but the size of the door. It is only 20 inches by 75 inches although it is actually about 4 feet wide inside. This means lots of storage, but not a lot of accessibility. Since we converted the porch into the office and do not have out of town guests very often, we will be able to use the second bedroom as a dressing room.

The first step in the makeover is the closet. It will be painted white (the same shade of Popped Corn as in the Living Room) so the clothes are as visible as possible.